Pet Policy


PET POLICY    NOV   12   2011

1)    Definition of a pet.  An animal on the property of Fifth Avenue Apartments in the control of a tenant or guest of a tenant either in the building or outside of the building.

2)    Definition of control of an animal. Willfully bringing an animal onto the premises or not removing a pet from the building that was not willfully allowed to enter. Harboring stray animals. (We suggest notifying animal control in regard to strays.)

Pets are allowed to reside at Fifth Avenue Apartments by prior approval only.

Any pet found to be in control of a tenant or guest must have written approval and the tenant must pay a  $300 non refundable pet fee prior to arrival of pet.

Any tenant  found in control of a pet, or having a guest found to be in control of a pet that has  not been approved in writing by management is subject to an immediate charge of a non refundable pet fee of $300 due immediately upon written notice of violation. This does not constitute approval of pet and the pet must be immediately removed.

Any tenant found to be in control of a pet without written agreement with property management is subject to eviction as allowed by law.



Cleanliness is a priority of the property. All pets must use a regularly maintained litter tray or be walked with the owner or person chosen by the owner. Any feces needs to be picked up immediately and disposed of in the garbage.

No pet shall be allowed to roam without a leash. Pets found roaming will be subject to revocation of approval


Pets found to be causing damage to the building or grounds shall be subject to revocation of approval.

No pet shall make frequent noises that are disruptive to the peace of other tenants. Frequently barking dogs will be required to vacate. 

Any costs incurred repairing damaged caused by a pet shall be paid for by the tenants renting the unit, including non-pet owner tenants sharing the same unit. The repairs will not be paid for from the pet fee.

If the tenants fail to pay for the damages, Fifth avenue apartments will persue all legal methods to be compensated for losses incurred.


Any pets showing aggressive behavior shall be immediately and permanently removed from the property.


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